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Level Guide

Post by [Owner]Softy on Wed Aug 28, 2013 12:52 pm

You can go lvl at:
[*]At lvl 1-20+ at Muchrooms in Roumen
[*]At lvl 20+ till 30+ you can go lvl into Moonlight Tomb
[*]At lvl 30+ till 50+ you can go lvl into collapsed prison
[*]At lvl 50+ till 80+ you can lvl at Orc's in Uruga
[*]At lvl 80+ till 100+ you can lvl at Phouch's in Alberstol Ruins
[*]At lvl 100+ till 120+ you can lvl at Ruga's in Kahal Plains
[*]At Lvl 120+ till 145 you can go lvl at Forbidden Forest
And there you go , you reached cap!
Hope you guys will enjoy it! Have Fun whit leveling Wink

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